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“Ballet fans will want to get their hands on a copy of Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance, a thrilling new documentary by Bob Hercules.” Full story>>

“An important piece of not only the company’s history, but also of dance history…the heritage of dance deserves it.” Full story>>



“A deeply archived and circumspect history of the Joffrey dance company” Full story>>


Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance can hit only the highlights of the company’s 50-plus years but there are some astonishing images…Rabid dance fans will want much more, but the film covers the obvious bases and is elegantly edited.” Full story>> 

“Hercules’ workmanlike documentary will go a long way toward making us more aware of the Joffrey Ballet and its significant contributions to dancemaking. In particular, the nostalgia for that era of American dance during which Joffrey and Arpino, with their plucky, do-it-yourself pioneering, comes across in all its originality.” Full story>>

“Through interviews with past and present company members and choreographers, writers, critics and dance historians, as well as breathtaking historical footage, Hercules’ Joffrey: Mavericks of Dance is a marvelous celebration of dance and the company, now in its 56th year. The film even has the potential to have some people dancing in the aisles.” Full story>>

“A coffee-table book doesn’t do this story justice. Word is that the new documentary Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance, does…Mavericks offers dance fans a chance to view archival excerpts of works they may never see live.” Full story>>

“’Mavericks’ shows the company reviving Léonide Massine’s “Parade” (how wonderful to see Gary Chryst again, as the Chinese Conjuror) and Kurt Jooss’ anti-war ballet “The Green Table,” while harnessing the zeitgeist in “Astarte” and “Deuce Coupe.” Hercules documents these successes without ignoring the power struggles and financial mismanagement, the occasionally acid reviews and the bad-hair days. “Mavericks” is fair and essential.” Full story>>

‎”Bob Hercules saturates his compelling film with the same professionalism, dedication, and love that his subject matter gave to the world of ballet. Seamlessly blending insightful interviews with archival photos and film, Hercules creates a film where the story is the thing, and the story of the Joffrey Ballet – a thrilling, touching and turbulent account – must be seen.” Full story>>

“Make no mistake. Director Bob Hercules’ “Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance” is a love letter to dance and a company that heavily influenced American ballet and American dance in general…For dance fans, this is a movie well-worth watching, if only to affirm that America has made contributions to ballet.” Full story>>

“The revolution might not have been televised, but it was choreographed.  As the film “Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance” reminds us” Full story>>


“Dance is a complete art form. Done well it incorporates all the senses, for it is movement and music and drama engulfing the spirit. Trying to explain its essence to a non-dancer can be nigh unto impossible, but into this void comes the phenomenal documentary Joffrey Mavericks of American Dance…the production values of this film are of the highest quality with a special mention for the outstanding editing by Melissa Stern and Leonard Feinstein. The pace never lags, leaving the viewer wanting more, never less than what has been presented.” Full story>>

“Hosannas and hallelujahs for the new documentary on the Joffrey Ballet, that groundbreaking American experiment in ballet that relocated from NYC to Chicago in 1995. Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance, directed by Bob Hercules, features lively, sometimes emotional interviews with former dancers including Christian Holder, Gary Chryst, Trinette Singleton, Adam Sklute, and Helgi Tomasson. The film follows the burst of glory of the fledgling group in the ’60s, as well as the devastating blows that almost pulled the company under later on.”-Wendy Perron, editor in chief Dance Magazine Full story>>

Joffrey plays like the American version of Frederick Wiseman’s epic observational, La Danse – The Paris Opera Ballet Full story>>



“I’m so happy today to offer the superb information on becoming a professional dancer, choosing a style of dance and a dance company, and dancing with The Joffrey ballet offered by Willy and Adam as well as the information on The Joffrey documentary, which you won’t want to miss.”

“ The concept of this film has peeked my interest since I discovered it.  In anticipation of this project’s New York premiere, I thought I would find out a bit more about what went in to this project.  I was recently put in contact with the film’s director, Mr. Hercules, who took the time to answer a few questions I had for him.”

“And then there are the fantastic dance segments, past and present, through which the evolution of the Joffrey Ballet’s unique mix of classical and modern dance styles are chronicled…Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance serves as a fitting if arguably too brief testament to an art form and its founders.” Full story>>